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We won the most original stand award

The Kombikorma exhibition is one of the most anticipated agricultural events in Russia. Agrofeed Group has been participating in the exhibition for many years now, and we look forward to it every year. Despite the exhibition was held in the summer, between the 16th & 18th of June, we decided– true to our traditions – to take part in it this year as well. Our main goal was to show our customers that we are constantly working, and we are serving all our customers with the necessary premixes, additives and raw materials. Last year most of the professional consultations have been mainly online, so we were really looking forward to finally meet our partners in person. Year after year, we strive to appear in a way that provides a lasting experience for our visitors. We put even more emphasis to our stand this year, as we changed our company image and we planned to present it officially at this event. The organizers of the exhibition reward the exhibitors in several categories every year. This year Agrofeed Group won the „Most Original Stand” award. Thank you for our partners to honouring us with your presence! Team Agrofeed Rus


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